REVIEW: Meet the Bond, James Bond of Pet Carriers

Origami puzzle of a backpack lets you tote your small pup, a foldable doggie dome and your laptop

Fido? Check. Laptop? Check. Portable doggie dome? Yep, they all fit inside this futuristic new product.

If James Bond had to fight super villains while carrying around a Pekingese, here’s the device he’d use–it’s an origami puzzle of a backpack called Pets @ Work, and it lets you tote around your small pup, a foldable doggie dome and your laptop without using your hands.

Pets @ Work, or P@W (get it?), is designed by the high-end Italian accessory company, PetEgo. It’s bulkier than the standard backpack, and actually looks more like a parachute. Inside, there’s a cushioned flap that drops down and turns into a dog seat, allowing your fella to snuggle securely while peeking through an opening (or a mesh screen if you prefer). The backpack is expandable to as deep as 16 inches and as wide as 15 inches, roomy enough for most dogs 10 lbs. and under.

But wait–there’s also a clever contraption that zips out and unfolds into a soft mini-crate; the idea is that once you’ve backpacked your pup to work, you’ve now got a comfy little Dome in your office for them to curl up in. And, as if that weren’t enough, there’s even a roomy compartment for your laptop.

It’s a marvel of versatility and inventive design, and for those of you who need to carry your dog around in an urban environment or into an office building, it’s a potential lifesaver. Sure, ordinary carry bags work just fine, and for about half the price (the P@W sells for $178). But anyone who’s ever schlepped a dog around for more than a couple blocks knows how heavy even the littlest ones can feel after a while. Plus, the P@W leaves your hands free, so you’ll never go into texting withdrawal. And it seems to be a pretty fun ride for your pooch–I tried it out with my 6-lb. Chihuahua, Lady, and while I couldn’t see her (which made me a little nervous), I got reports that she was having a blast back there.

Still, I’m not completely sold on P@W. It’s pricey, and it’s bulky, and there’s an awful lot of zipping and unfolding. And what if Lady had decided to tinkle? Do I really want my laptop that close to my lap dog? Maybe if my job was fighting supervillains, I’d feel differently. But the P@W seems just a little too high-tech for me.

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