Portable pet berth is a good bet for cool days and long car trips

Over the years I’ve come to realize that Zoey, my 5-year-old Wheaten terrier, appreciates a comfortable place to relax as much as I do. So when Kurgo’s Wanderbed, a totable dog bed, came my way, I knew Zoey was qualified to put it to the test.

When I first brought the Wanderbed home, I put it on the floor next to my bed, and Zoey wasted no time in claiming it as hers, quickly sniffing it and then curling up on top of it. The Wanderbed’s ability to draw Zoey in is noteworthy because her usual resting spots are our recliner and our king-sized bed. (Did I mention that she’s spoiled?)

But the Wanderbed ($69.99) was made to travel, so into the car we went. Zoey is a backseat rider and was content to stay snuggled on the bed during our trip to the park. The bed’s nonslip rubber backing kept it from sliding all over the backseat, which I’m sure Zoey appreciated. After catching the Frisbee a few times and chasing – and attempting to tackle – a very patient German shepherd, Zoey was ready to rest. I set up the Wanderbed under a tree, but she wanted no part of it. The fleece top made it too warm for Zoey on a humid summer day, and she opted instead to lie on the cool grass. (Suggestion to Kurgo: make a version with an insulated cooling pad built in!) Back in the air-conditioned car, however, Zoey was happy to return to the Wanderbed.

When temperatures are cool enough outside, Zoey enjoys lying on the Wanderbed in our front yard and watching the goings-on along our street. I’m sure, come fall, it will get even more use.

It comes with a built-in pocket big enough to hold one or two of Fido’s favorite toys (though not large enough for a Frisbee). It also washed very well. During our trip to the park – and thanks to Zoey’s penchant for battling our garden hose – the bed got quite dirty, but after a spin through the gentle cycle with some mild detergent it looked (and smelled) brand new.

My one complaint? The Wanderbed, which is made for portability and boasts about its ability to “roll up in seconds,” was impossible to coil tight enough to fasten the Velcro straps. While it would have been nice to roll it up neatly and carry it by the handle, it wasn’t too much of an inconvenience to fold it and carry it like a blanket instead.