March 26, 2010 11:45 AM

If you’re like me, all of the work that goes into owning your pet is worth every second and penny. My adorable French bulldog puppy Eloise, who I adopted in February, has been such a welcome addition to my life. But what I wasn’t totally prepared for was the incredible amount of stuff this 8-lb bundle of love came with – she’s like a superstar on world tour! There are the poop bags, the sweaters, the coats, the treats, the shampoo, the lint brush for visitors and me, and the toys. Oh, the toys.

A quick look around my New York City apartment showed the various slapdash solutions I had come up with to contain everything. There is the bag that holds the poop bags; the shelf that holds her food, treats, and supplements; the other shelf that holds her puppy wipes, shampoo, and ear cleaner. The basket of toys worked for a while, until she decided it was fun to chew on.

Then my friend suggested I try a new storage system from Hangadoo pets. It’s like a travel garment bag that you can hang in your closet or on the back of a door. There are deep pockets for big toys, and lots of little pockets for small items, so that you can clean up at the end of the day and reclaim your space – it’s definitely tidied up my doggie disarray. Now, instead of running all around the house to find one thing in this basket and another on this shelf, it’s all in one place that I can easily access, and that is out of reach of Eloise. It comes in fun animal prints, is a great price ($24.99) and would make the perfect gift for any of your pet-loving friends.

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