Recently launched in the U.S., the Aussie company’s spirited goods reflect a “no worries” lifestyle

By Janet Mock
December 16, 2009 07:11 AM

Some of the best things come from Down Under: Hugh Jackman’s abs, Kylie Minogue’s pop hits and now, in the same tradition, Kakadu Pet’s line of products!

“When it comes to pets, Americans don’t mess around,” President David Brown tells PEOPLE Pets of his decision to launch his line of pet products stateside. “We can offer Americans a fun, colorful and high quality product for affordable prices. I’d say our products reflect a ‘no worries’ kind of lifestyle.”

A dog-lover with two Shih Tzus, Jack and Sydney, Brown launched Kakadu (think “kack-uh-doo,” like kangaroo) with business partner Michael Stager in Australia in 2008. “We like to think of Kakadu Pet as the IKEA for Pet Products,” Brown explains of his company’s philosophy. “Our products are high quality and durable while still being affordable, fun, colorful, and sometimes funky.”

Kakadu has a wide variety of accessories to fit your needs. Cute studded collars and clothing will make your pets stand out from the pack, while muted pet carriers and leashes blend well for everyday use. One of our favorite products is the Adventure Mat (above), a plush, machine-washable pad which folds up just like a yoga mat. Available for $30 in four different colors, the toggle closure takes it up a notch in the style department – without breaking the bank.

Another great piece? The Pet Cot, which Brown says is “fantastic for arthritic or elderly dogs, as it allows them to lay up and off of their aching joints.” Like the Adventure Mat, it’s portable, giving your pet something familiar to lie on in a new environment. Available in three colors, the cot can be disassembled and stored away in the accompanying bag. For something more plush, the newly available Island Bed is like a colorful cloud. It’s vacuum-sealed design makes it easy to tuck away, an added bonus for apartment dwellers.

“One of our goals at Kakadu Pet is to fit our products into people’s lifestyles,” Brown says. Available for purchase online and soon in specialty stores across the country, the products are both adorable and affordable. G’day to you Kakadu!

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