The space-age pet bowl prevents messes and reduces noise

By Lisa Kennedy
Updated April 16, 2010 11:45 AM

The one caveat that comes with owning the cutest dog on the planet? Dealing with her messy eating habits. My French bulldog, Eloise, would be quite happy if I served her food by dumping it all over my kitchen floor. And the way mealtime has played out in my house lately, you’d think that was exactly what I was doing.

Until I got the Hugx pet bowl ($60). Yes, that space-age contraption pictured above is a dish that your pet can eat out of. The modern design allows for the bowl to be brought closer to the animal, so they can eat at an angle. Instead of burying her face in the bowl to get every last morsel, Eloise can now chow down at a level that prevents messes.

The company touts the many other benefits of this feeding system, too. It claims to curb pet obesity by tricking your pet into thinking there’s more food in the bowl. The design also aims to reduces the noise pets make while eating – and I’d say there is definitely less chomping to be heard in my house.

The Hugx rust-proof dish is designed to look great and sleek on any floor you put it on. Additionally, the metal arch base has four rubber feet that prevent it from sliding all over. So, as excited as Eloise gets when I feed her, the bowl stays locked in place. And the excitement doesn’t stop there – I’m elated that I don’t have to do any cleaning when it’s all over.