July 10, 2009 11:45 AM

City dogs don’t stumble upon sticks very often. Recently, my Frenchie Lucy picked up a stick for the first time while we were walking in Manhattan. I thought it was the cutest thing: She walked with a different, proud step while she carried that wet stick in her mouth – it was sweet. A few moments later, I began to wonder where that stick was before it was in her mouth. After all, we weren’t in a park, we were on the streets of New York City, a place where you could find just about anything lying on the ground. With horrible thoughts running through my head, I decided to take it away from her.

When I was telling my friend the story, she mentioned that she had seen a Web site for Fetchstix. The Manchester, Vt., company sends you bundles of pure, clean maple sticks (made from hardwood saplings) direct from the Vermont countryside for a minimal price ($12.95, including shipping). I had to have Lucy try them out.

When I presented the three sticks of varying widths to Lucy, she was very interested in what they were, sniffing them all over before I could even untie them. She has probably never smelled anything so pure! I threw the first one (following the cute instructions that are included), and away she went, running right after it. Instead of bringing it back to me, though, she sat right down and started chewing away on it – as happy as could be.

Lucy can’t tell the difference between a city stick and a Fetchstick, but I was glad to see her chomping on one that I know is fresh and clean. Now if I can only get this city dog to fetch!

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