Cesar Millan expands his empire with a witty new magazine that his fans will love

His nickname may be the Dog Whisperer, but Cesar Millan sure knows how to make a racket. The celebrated Hollywood dog trainer has written three best-selling books, put out several popular DVDs and hosts his own hit TV show (the sixth season premieres tonight on the National Geographic Channel). Now comes Cesar’s Way, a glossy quarterly magazine that’s sort of a cross between Dog World and Vogue (I guess you could call it Dogue?).

From it’s Cosmo-like cover teasers (“Can Your Dog Fix Your Marriage?”; “What a Warm Nose Really Means”) to a sumptuous 14-page photo spread that gives the glam treatment to cute pups (a poised Shar-pei is the pack’s clear diva), Cesar’s Way is a slick but welcoming bundle of doggie fun. There’s plenty of useful info (should you give your dog a flu shot?) mixed in with playful nuggets like “the Yappiest Apps for your iPhone”–plus an interview with Jada Pinkett Smith in which she gives Cesar credit for her successful marriage to Will Smith (he helped her balance her “masculine energy” with her nurturing side). My favorite article? The story of a golden retriever who nursed three orphaned kittens to health (try looking at the photo on page 65 and not saying, “Awwwwwww”).

Enjoying this magazine depends entirely on being a Dog Whisperer fan, since it might just have easily been called All Hail Cesar–there’s an excerpt from his latest book, an article by his wife Ilusion, and no less than 25 photos of Cesar himself. And surely there are way more “paw” puns than is medically advisable (“paws and effect”; “pawficers of the law”). But the writing is funny and sharp, the photography plush and the subject irresistible–I, for one, truly am curious what a warm nose really means. So treat yourself to a nice helping of Cesar’s Way, and let’s all hold our breath for Dog Whisperer: The Musical.