REVIEW: Does Dog Perfume Make Scents?

The upscale Sexy Beast line is worth a sniff – for pup and human alike.

Okay, I admit it–I’m a pamperer. I mean, I seriously pamper my five little doggies. They get to sleep in bed with me, eat what I eat, chew up my perfectly good shoes and otherwise treat me like a substitute teacher. I’m sorry, I can’t help it–they’re just so darn adorable. But even a sucker like me has to wonder–do they really need to wear expensive perfume?

I tried out a bunch of products by Sexy Beast, a new upscale grooming and beauty line designed especially for dogs. The company’s founder used to help launch fragrances for the likes of Estee Lauder before hitting on her eau-de-pooch idea and trying out different scents–all perfectly safe and vet-approved–on her 7-year-old rescued Boxer, Austin. Now, a 3.4-oz. bottle of her Signature Fragrance–it has hints of vanilla, patchouli and nutmeg and comes in a bone-shaped box–sells for $65. Is it nice? Well, yeah, especially when compared with natural dog smell. But I’m going to pass on the perfume simply because I don’t think my little Chihuahuas care one way or the other how they smell, and for the most part neither do I (I kind of like natural dog smell, anyway). If you’re taking your pups on a fancy play date and want them to get loads of compliments, though, then by all means get some of this stuff.

I did really like a couple of other Sexy Beast products, especially the shampoo (it smells great and leaves their fur fluffier than anything else I’ve tried) and the Fresh spray, a slightly fragrant mist that rejuvenates their coats. And the sleek Sexy Beast T-shirt, encrusted with Swarovski Crystals, has made my little white Chihuahua She She the envy of all her scruffy friends (at $65, it better). Best of all is the Jet Set Travel Kit ($35), which includes miniature versions of the shampoo, conditioner and Fresh spray–the perfect gift for the pathetic pamperer in your life.

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