REVIEW: Chew on This – Scout & Zoe's Antlers Are Healthy, Long-lasting Treats

You'll feel good about your letting your pooch gnaw on this all-natural product

Searching for a dog chew that’s both healthy and long-lasting can feel a little like hunting for an inexpensive pair of Jimmy Choos: frustrating and usually fruitless.

So when Scout & Zoe’s all-natural Elk Antler Chew arrived in its pretty package I didn’t know what to expect. The smell – apparently picked up only by dog noes, and not human ones – quickly sent my Dalmatian, Luther Buddah Freckleman, into a frenzy. Because I was in the process of training him to stop sniffing so much during our walks, I took the chew with me as an enticement for good-boy behavior – and it turned out to be a good tactic. He kept eyeballing the chew the entire walk, never sniffed once and couldn’t wait to barrel into it when we got home. The antler has since been buried in various places all over the yard, chewed some more and then reburied. It’s still going chewably strong three weeks later.

Here are the specs on Scout & Zoe’s product, and why I’m partial to this particular chew:

*No animals are ever harmed in the process of making them. Scout & Zoe’s uses only uses 100% natural elk antlers that are harvested only after they’ve been shed naturally. (Some antler chews allegedly come from hunted deer, elk, moose or caribou.)

*They’re good for dogs who have allergies to beef products because they contain no bovine.

*The marrow within each chew contains trace vitamins and minerals, including calcium and phosphorous.

*They grind down into a white powder, and not into dangerous splinters like some bones do. (They can also take away your dog’s craving for chewing on furniture … or those Jimmy Choos.)

*They can last for weeks – and even months – depending on your dog’s chewing needs, and are available in a variety of sizes to suit different breeds.

*Scout & Zoe’s awards an Exceptional Canine Award to a dog who has done great things. The inaugural winner was Max, a 15-year-old German shepherd from Indianapolis who served as a search and rescue dog at Ground Zero. Each honoree is immortalized on a collectible card that is included in packages of the chews.

We’re glad these elk antlers – which are nature’s ultimate recycling program – were not simply shed or turned into chandeliers. These are a unique, fun, healthy and long-lasting treat suitable for even the most robust chewer.

To order Scout & Zoe’s chews ($10-$30) for your pet, go to the company’s website or call 317-457-7722 to find a retailer near you.

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