The new Yikes! compact spot cleaner leaves dirty carpets smelling fresh and looking new


What do pets have against carpets, anyway? I’ve had to toss out more than a few rugs that were perfectly fine except for unspeakably resistant pet stains, knowing full well the replacement rug would soon meet a similar fate. But my rug budget is about to go way down, thanks to a new deep cleaning device from Bissell, the vacuum guys.

Called Yikes! (cute name) and promising “pawsitively clean” carpets (cute slogan), this compact deep cleaner will set you back about $130 (not so cute price tag). But, animal and carpet lovers, it’s worth every penny–it works miracles on all kinds of pee and poop stains, even those that have molecularly melded with rug fibers. Small and reasonably lightweight, the Yikes! is easy to put together and even easier to use–you just fill a detachable tank with water and a dollop of cleaning solution, point a spray trigger at the offending stain and unleash a torrent of water and suction. I tried it on both cat and dog stains and it worked wonderfully both times, leaving the carpet smelling fresh and looking new (though it may take a day or two for some residual dampness to dry up).

Granted, my dogs are pretty small critters (under 10 lbs.), so I can’t be sure how the Yikes! will work on Marmaduke-size messes. But there’s an attachment for larger stains and another super-handy one for nooks and crevices (carpeted stairs come to mind). You can even use it on upholstery and in your car.

Now, does anyone make a machine that stops Chihuahuas from chewing up my socks?