September 17, 2010 01:00 PM

If you’re like me – you live in a major urban area and you have a dog that doesn’t like to be left alone – you need a dog carrier. (Or, if you can find space in your desperately small apartment, a few different carrier options.)

The problem is – if you’re like me, and you pretend to have lofty aesthetic standards – that most dog carriers won’t make the cut. Add to that having to share the carrier with a man who won’t go anywhere near something that’s done up in pink or that looks like a purse, and you’re not left with many choices.

So far, I’ve been making do with an olive green number that looks suspiciously like a messenger bag, except when my dog Ethel’s face pokes out of one side. It does the trick just fine, but I was still thrilled to try the new ARGO pet carriers by Teafco.

I went with the City version in gray, which retails for $50 on Teafco’s online store. It looks sharp, is gender-neutral and comes airline-approved if I ever need to fly with Ethel. She fit perfectly inside, and unless you’re staring very intently, it’s almost impossible to tell she’s in there.

It’s been a hot, hot summer in New York, so I was especially happy to see all the mesh on the bag. Who knows how Ethel feels about it, but it seemed to me that she was very well-ventilated while being toted around. The nicest surprise was the handy zippered pocket on the short end of the bag –it’s the perfect size to hold a leash, and so conveniently placed.

My one (very minor) quibble with the bag is that the straps are a little rough –the smooth material that sits at the shoulder was too short. Beyond that, the ARGO City pet carrier was just the bag I was looking for – comfortable, breathable and wearable … for everyone in the house.

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