REVIEW: A Carrier that Keeps Jet-Setting Pets Secure

Teafco's Argo Aero-Pet is a no-worry carry-on for even the slyest kitty.

Picture this: You’re on an airplane, flipping through a magazine as you reach 15,000 feet. You look away for just a moment and realize you’ve just lost your carry-on – your 5-lb. kitten.

This is the pickle I was in over the Christmas holiday. My cat, Mickey-the-escape-artist, found his way out of his carrier and into the aisle of the plane. Thank goodness he didn’t make it very far and that the friendly neighbor beside me just cooed at him, instead of flipping out.

That day, I vowed that I’d find a better carrier that would keep my kitty secure and fit under the seat in front of me, as the TSA requires.

Enter Teafco’s Argo Aero-Pet carrier: The airline-approved tote comes in sizes small and large, and is water-resistant (the cushy waterproof padding inside easily detaches for quick cleaning) and lightweight, so you can save the heavy lifting for your luggage.

The carrier is reasonably priced at $115, comes in six vibrant colors and is covered with six mesh windows so that your pet receives proper ventilation during his travels. And, with zippers that firmly seal both top and side doors, there’s no way my cat is slipping out of this sucker. His Houdini hijinks are over.

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