August 17, 2016 06:01 PM

The recent historic floods in Louisiana have left 11 dead and thousands without homes.

Thanks to the work of countless rescuers, residents are starting to put the pieces of their lives back together.

Among these heroic volunteers are two men dedicated to helping the voiceless victims of these floods. Volunteer rescuers Mike Anderson and Darrell Watson have been working in the Baton Rouge area to save pets stranded during the disaster, including several pit bulls recently picked up by the pair, reports The Dodo.

Anderson and Watson came across the two dogs, who were most likely abandoned by their owners, while navigating the flood waters in a boat.

“We could see them in the distance from the flooded streets,” Anderson said. “They were in about 4 feet of water and using a fence as a perch to rest on. Both were worn out and weak from fighting it. They were likely in the water for 16 hours or so.”

After carefully pulling the two canines (one of whom was just a puppy) aboard, the men soon found another stranded pit bull fighting to stay afloat.

“Regardless of breed or type of animal, none deserve to be left to struggle to survive,” Anderson said.

“I’m not sure if they were left behind, or if their owner just didn’t have time to get them. The water came up fast!” he added.

Anderson and Watson estimate they’ve helped rescue 100 people so far, many of who have had pets with them.

“Out of all the people we’ve rescued, 30 percent or so have had pets,” Anderson said. “The first question they ask is, ‘Can I bring my pet?’ And our answer is always: ‘Absolutely!’ “

The dogs shown in the clip above, who were found with collars but no I.D. tags, were put in the care of an animal shelter worker who promised to foster the pups if there wasn’t enough room at the facility.

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