Source: Arlington Heights Police Department/Instagram
September 02, 2016 01:37 PM

A squirrel sent Clyde into a sewer on Thursday — and police and firefighters in Arlington Heights, Illinois, helped get the dog out.

The pup’s owner Robin Bauer told The Daily Herald, who reported the story, that her 2-year-old pit bull took off after a squirrel early on Thursday morning and then disappeared without a trace.

When she finally discovered him, he was about 10 feet underground in an uncovered, damp sewer.

Authorities arrived on the scene and fire officials created an excellent rescue plan: they used a tarp and ropes to raise the dog, while Bauer offered bacon as a treat to comfort Clyde during the ordeal.

“We did a confined-space rescue where we lowered a rescuer down into the hole and hoisted the dog up,” fire division chief Dwayne Wood told the Herald.

“As soon as the tarp fell away, he jumped up and began running around licking the firefighters,” Bauer said afterward.

Clyde is doing great following the rescue and suffered just a small cut in the ordeal.

“The dog was fine, surprisingly,” police sergeant Stephanie Mack said. “He was a little scared, but he was fine. He was a good dog.”

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