Officials gave the dog's owner a chance to improve the pet's conditions

Four months ago, he was found chained to a cinder block without access to food or water. Now the Kansas City pooch has his sights set on a happier life, according to KCTV 5 News.

It took several months to get the dog named Goldie out of the cruel existence he’s called home for quite some time.

His story came to light back in July, when KCTV5 first introduced viewers to Goldie when they found him inhumanely chained to a cinder block. At the time, Animal Control gave the dog’s owner a chance to improve the pup’s living conditions, promising regular check-ups.

Now the dog is being removed from the home. “Finally, all this time,” said Kate Quigley, who runs the non-profit Chain of Hope, “It took a long time, didn’t it?”

Quigley did her own check-ups on Goldie, visiting every few weeks hoping for improvement but what she found was appalling: the dog was wasting away, with no food, the report said. Two weeks ago, she reported what she saw and later Animal Control picked the dog up.

When KCTV5’s crew knocked on Goldie’s owner’s door, there was no answer and the owner has not come looking for his dog at Animal Control.

“He’s not going back to that house,” Quigley told KCTV5, “He’s out of there forever. He’s up for adoption.”

Quigley picked Goldie up from Animal Control and is giving him medicine to fight his worms and Giardia — an intestinal infection. She has even given the pooch a new name, Preston, to signify a new start.

“He is going to have so much fun when he can run and play,” Quigley said.