August 17, 2016 12:51 PM

We’re pretty sure Hattie the dog hit an all time high last week when the 12-year-old pup found herself stuck on a cliff above the Highway 53 bridge in Virginia, Minnesota.

Luckily, according to a Facebook post from the Minnesota Department of Transportation, contractors spotted the runway retriever and were able to quickly get her down with the help of a man lift — but not before someone shot plenty of pictures, which her family, who live locally, will likely laugh at for years to come.

“It’s unknown where the pup started her descent, but she wasn’t discovered until she reached the bottom third of the wall and became stuck,” reads the caption for a Facebook photo showing a view of the project site where she was found.

Falling rocks were what alerted a contractor from Kiewit Infastructure and a subcontractor from Danny’s Construction Company to the dog’s presence on the cliff.

“At first glance they thought she was a fox (the workers had seen multiple foxes climb up and down the wall without issue in the past),” said the post.

They tried coaxing Hattie down the wall, to no avail, and so one worker volunteered to go up on a man lift.

“The pup reportedly jumped right into the basket and was an obedient guest, sitting nicely the whole way down,” the post said. “The worker even brought an extra safety harness to clip the dog in the basket for extra security.”

Once Hattie was back on lower ground, she was happy to receive a bowl of water and some pats on the head, the post said.

“Hattie was wearing a collar with an I.D. tag,” it continued. “Her owners were called and were at the site within a half hour to bring the lost pooch home.”

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