Their names are Baby Fred, Russell Crow, Adventure Fred and Crow Magnon

By Kelli Bender
March 02, 2016 06:48 PM

The crow is one of the most intelligent birds in the sky; they possess the capability to remember faces, use tools and create plans — and they may also be one of the most sentimental fliers, too. 

Several years ago, a quartet of baby crows resting in a nest fell out of their tree and onto the ground, reports The Dodo. A human family discovered the baby birds and brought them to a friend named Kristy, who was a veterinarian. Instead of giving up on the weak little crows, Kristy and her family decided to raise them. Everyone took turns feeding the birds (every 2 to 3 hours), who the family named Baby Fred, Russell Crow, Adventure Fred and Crow Magnon. 

Understandably, Kristy’s family and the crows quickly became feathered friends, with the birds even learning how to say “Hello!” back to their human saviors when the family greeted them. But baby birds eventually grow into mischievous teen birds, and soon the four crows were causing trouble, ravaging neighbors’ gardens and attacking satellite dishes. 

After learning the basics of surviving in the wild, the birds Kristy’s family raised joined a group of wild crows and began flying south for the winter. But the birds did not forget to keep in touch. Each year, at least two of the crows swoop by Kristy’s house in the spring on their return flight north. The family knows it’s their bird babies, because the crows still know how to say “Hello.” 

During their reunions, the crows enjoy snacks and snuggles with the family that saved their lives.