It’s the cutest family reunion ever

By Kelli Bender
May 25, 2016 08:50 PM

The Marina 9, a group of otters who live in Singapore, almost became the Marina 8.

Earlier this month, one of the group’s pups, 6-week-old Toby, slipped into a canal during high tide and started to drown, reports The Dodo. Patrick Ng, a retiree sitting nearby, spotted Toby and dove in to save him. Not wanting to separate Toby from his family, Ng left the little otter beside the canal so his brood could collect him. But the Marina 9 didn’t come back for their young member.

A group that keeps an eye on local otters decided to contact Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) for help when Toby was still alone hours after being rescued.

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WRS scooped up the pup and brought him to their facility for a check up and bottle feedings. After a few days of rest and warm milk, Toby was ready to join the wild once more. After talking to OtterWatch and National Parks, the WRS decided to release the little guy on a beach his family frequents.

Left alone in the sand, Toby started to cry for companionship. Luckily, this time it was his family who answered the calls. In a video of the reunion, the Marina 9 can be seen running out of the bushes to eagerly greet the comrade they thought they’d lost.

The animal groups involved in the touching family gathering are keeping an eye on the group, in case Toby is rejected by his family later. So far, all signs point to the Marina 9 staying together.