This is a little guy who knows how to embrace the good life

By kbender1271
Updated March 28, 2016 09:12 PM

Oscar is hitting the bottle hard — the baby bottle that is.

According to Mashable, the 3-month-old Asian small clawed otter was found abandoned outside a market in Bangkok, Thailand. A concerned animal lover spotted the lost baby and called the country’s Wildlife Friends Foundation. The animal rescue picked up the otter and brought him to its facility, where he was given the name Oscar.

Wildlife Friends Foundation

“Luckily, Oscar is now at the WFFT Wildlife Rescue Centre,” WFFT wrote on Facebook. “He will be in the WFFT Wildlife Hospital for round-the-clock care for the next few months until he is old enough to be socialized with the other otters here.”

Wildlife Friends Foundation

While Oscar is loving the roof over his head and all the nice people helping him, what he likes most is the grub.

Wildlife Friends Foundation

As a VIP guest, Oscar is treated to all the baby bottles of food he desires, and he has an appetite.

This is a little guy who knows how to embrace the good life.