Shy guy Champas was sitting in the shelter for over a year until the staff gave him a job

By Kelli Bender
May 10, 2017 05:22 PM
Animal Welfare League NSW

Champas is handsome with big, soulful eyes and a striking white coat, but he is also a bit shy at first.

This last trait was keeping him from getting noticed by potential adopters. While other cats would strut out to meet families coming through Animal Welfare League NSW, Champas stayed to the back of his cage, avoiding attention, reports Metro.

Animal Welfare League NSW

But the Australian shelter knew the feline, who had been at the rescue since December 2015, had a personality that anyone could love. Hoping to show it off, the staff decided to give the shy guy a job working at the front desk of the shelter as a receptionist.

Animal Welfare League NSW

At his post, Champas was able to greet everyone coming into the shelter, while still getting his own space. To become more available to all the cat moms and dads out there, the kitty started posing with signs describing all his winning attributes.

Animal Welfare League NSW

This little grass roots kitty campaign worked! Soon after moving into the office, Champas found a forever home with a man named Nathan.