The 5-year-old pooch, who was born with a birth defect, was recently rescued by Michigan’s Animal Rescue Project

By Amy Jamieson
Updated September 08, 2015 07:14 PM

A rescue group in Kalamazoo, Michigan, wants to buy Bernie two more legs — but they can’t afford them on their own.

The pup who found his way to the Animal Rescue Project this past week was born with a birth defect, according to FOX 17 News, that left him with just his front legs.

The Animal Rescue Project wants to buy the pup prosthetic legs — which can cost up to $1,500 per paw — and they’re raising money via a website to do just that. The dog currently gets around okay by using the stump on his back leg for balance, but prosthetics would make movement much easier for him.

“His personality is just amazing,” said Jack Frost from the Animal Rescue Project. “You would never know that he had a handicap. You would never know. He is just an awesome dog.”

FOX 17 says Frost picked the dog up from the local pound and he didn’t realize at first that he was missing legs.

“When I pulled him out, I will confess I cried like a baby,” Frost said, “because it broke my heart how he got around. Nothing seemed to bother him. It was just really inspirational to have a dog with such a great personality, with a handicap, that didn’t even care. He just wanted to be loved.”

You can help fund Bernie’s new legs by donating via the rescue’s website. Bernie is also available for adoption, click here to fill out an application.