The dog was found in the possession of a California drug dealer in March
Tustin Police Heroin Dog

In March, Bubba the pup was found at rock bottom.

Police in Tustin, California, discovered the puppy living with a man they arrested for possessing a large amount of illegal drugs, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Worried the dog had consumed drugs, officials took Bubba to Orange County Animal Care, where he tested positive for heroin and meth. Since then, the staff at Orange County Animal Care have been working to get Bubba clean and keep the dog healthy.

It took until July for all the drugs to work their way through the 7-month-old canine’s system, but Bubba’s straight once again. This clean bill of health means a fresh start for Bubba, who was put up for adoption last week.

“We didn’t expect it to take so long for him to have a negative result,” said Katie Ingram, assistant director at Orange County Animal Care. “I would say it was a day of celebration last week when that test came back negative and we knew we could put him up for adoption.”

A family who has been following Bubba’s saga from the start applied to take the pup home just hours after he was put up for adoption, and ultimately they became the dog’s forever family.

Bubba has now moved to his new home, where he has a German shepherd sister and a retired police sergeant owner to protect him.

“It’s kind of unique that Bubba came in due to an arrest by a police department and is adopted by a retired police officer,” Ingram said. “I think that’s great.”