Rescue Program Helps 700 Pets In Overcrowded Shelters Find Forever Homes for Valentine's Day

Flights to Freedom expects to have homes for all of these pets in 2 to 3 days

For over 700 pets, a second chance started on Valentine’s Day.

The cats and dogs all came from overcrowded shelters in the southern United States, where they would likely be euthanized without intervention.

Luckily, someone did intervene. In March 2017, and partnered with Wings of Rescue to create the Flights to Freedom program.

This program flies shelter animals from overcrowded shelters and natural disaster areas to rescues in other parts of America where it is easier for them to be adopted out. Since Flights to Freedom started, the program has flown over 17,000 pets to new homes.


Their most recent rescue occurred on Feb. 13. and Feb. 14, and brought over 700 pet passengers from 7 different locations, all overcrowded high-risk shelters in the south, to other rescues with space to find the animals forever homes.


Not only were these pets greeted on the ground by smiling faces ready to find them families, Flights to Freedom also donated 500 cases of Halo treats to the shelters and rescues taking in the needy animals — that way all the cats and dogs had a savory Valentine’s Day treat waiting for them when they landed.


One of the seven flights that Flights to Freedom organized for this Valentine’s Day rescue mission landed at Boeing Field in Seattle, Washington, with over 140+ dogs and cats.


Based on their past rescues, Flights to Freedom expects all of these adoptable animals to be in new homes in the next 2-3 days.

These fresh starts are made possible by Freekibble and GreaterGood, and those who donate to make these rescues possible.

If you are interested in learn more about Flights to Freedom, visit Freekibble’s website.

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