Rescue Guinea Pig and Cat Best Friend Are Looking to Get Adopted Together from N.C. Shelter

Angel the cat and Halo the guinea pig are a heavenly, bonded pair that love to cuddle together and are at a Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Control shelter looking for a forever home

Cat and guinea pig become bffs
Photo: CMPD Animal Care & Control

Angel the cat and Halo the guinea pig share a giant cage but often cuddle together in the corner.

"They came in together, and the owner told us they usually snuggle together and sleep together at night. They were totally bonded," Julia Conner of Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Control in Charlotte, North Carolina, tells PEOPLE.

In her 17 years working as an animal control officer, Conner says she's never seen this kind of odd couple before.

"I think honestly, my first reaction was this is definitely a first. We've never seen this before, but apparently, it's not unheard of," she says.

Conner knows that now because she posted a video of the duo on Facebook, and comments started flooding in — including a few from people who mentioned they had seen similar unlikely animal friendships.

Cat and guinea pig become bffs
CMPD Animal Care & Control

"We get bonded pairs here at the shelter often, but it's usually like cats and dogs — most of the time— a cat and a guinea pig that's usually a prey situation. The cat would normally be chasing the guinea pig, so to see them together as best friends is very rare," Conner adds.

The veteran animal control officer says that the two furry friends even seem to have a unique language, a way of communicating that's all their own.

"It's entertaining to watch them. They try to communicate with each other. Cats and dogs have their own language, so to see two species who have their own way of communicating is very entertaining. You get that moment of 'Oh my gosh, oh that's so cute!' " Conner says.

Cat and guinea pig become bffs
CMPD Animal Care & Control

She adds that the duo's previous owner had some personal issues and was forced to surrender the pair but requested they be adopted out together. Conner estimates Angel is about "four-ish" and Halo is about "two-ish" and says, despite the friends' growing fan club on social media, there have only been a handful of genuine requests to adopt the buddies.

"This has been one of our most popular videos ever. We had some people in Tennessee, and someone in Florida, say they would take them if no one else did, but we're hoping for someone who really wants Angel and Halo. I truly believe we'll find someone who will keep them together. Our goal is to keep them together period, end of story," Conner says.

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