The cats are now recovering at animal hospitals and foster homes


Ohio-based rescue group Joseph’s Legacy saved 16 Persian cats from “deplorable conditions” in a Middletown home.

According to WLWT, 17 felines were voluntarily given up by the owner of the home, but one of the Persians was euthanized due to severe health issues.

“I’ve seen some pretty bad cases of neglect, but this one is definitely worse than any I’ve ever been on,” Joseph’s Legacy volunteer Krista Snyder told the news station of the condition the cats were found in.

The animals were removed on Sunday and taken to All About Pet Care and Monroe Family Pet Hospital for veterinary treatment. Vets say the cats are suffering with a variety of issues including malnourishment, matted fur, fleas, worms, eye problems, infected sores and overgrown nails.

These problems will soon be a part of the past. Joseph’s Legacy is making sure the kitties get the care they need, resulting in a $6,400 vet bill, and have found foster homes for all of the Persians. The group hopes that the cats will soon be healthy enough to be placed up for adoption.

According to the Journal-News, the Persians and their poor conditions were discovered by accident. Joseph’s Legacy volunteer Cindi Lee knocked on the door of the felines’s former home to ask about a dog seen roaming the neighborhood. The woman who answered the door showed Lee her 17 pets, all of which were living in one small room, and offered to give them up to the rescue group and to donate her cat supplies.

Because the woman volunteered to part with her cats and because authorities did not find out about the situation until all the Persians were removed from the home, there will be no animal cruelty charges for the previous owner.