Lil Dog "didn't deserve this," says Perry County Animal Rescue in a heart-breaking Facebook post


Very little is known about him, just that he was an old Chihuahua/terrier mix — and that he was alive when someone left him by the side of the road on U.S. 322, near Newport, Pennsylvania.

The Perry County Animal Rescue received a call from a good Samaritan about the nameless dog, who was sitting lifeless in a little dog bed near a truck pull off.

In a Facebook post written on New Years Day, the group writes: “Some time last evening or very early this morning this poor old little dog was put out and left behind. The dog was alive when this was done as there were a few piles of feces right in that area. This little dog was left to die. It was dark, damp, dirty, cold and he was left there all alone. Alone to die.”

The pup was scanned and no chip was found. He had no identifying tattoos or ID of any kind — but the rescue has vowed that this anonymous little pup won’t be forgotten.

“His body was retrieved. We will bury him tomorrow. He will have a marked grave. He is ‘Lil Dog.’ He will be remembered,” reads the heart-breaking Facebook post, which includes several pictures of the little pup laying in his dog bed. “Don’t look away because the more of you that see this post, read this post and maybe shed a tear for this little old dog, the more he will be remembered.”

The Millerstown-based rescue shared the dog’s sad story in hopes that whoever did this will be identified. Anyone with information about the owner or about what happened to the dog is encouraged to call the rescue at 717-589-3005.

“He didn’t deserve this,” the post continues. “Remember Lil Dog!”