Merlin is now walking around on his own at the goat sanctuary where he lives

Merlin the rescue duck is enjoying the magic of modern technology.

According to WTHR, the bird was born with a leg deformity that left his mobility extremely limited. Goats of Anarchy, a non-profit in Hampton, New Jersey, the rehabs, adopts out and provides hospice care to goats with special needs, decided there hoofed residents needed a feathered friend, and took Merlin in.

It’s didn’t take long for Merlin to attract even more attention. According to Walkin’ Pets, an online retailer and educational resource for handicapped pets and their owners, they heard about the duck’s story and were inspired to take on a new project.

Walkin’ Pets created their “Walkin’ Wheels Duck Wheelchair,” for Merlin, according to the New Hampshire-based company. This innovation is a custom-built cart that allows the duck to move around and get the exercise he needs to stay healthy. The creators hand-delivered the wheelchair to Merlin in New Jersey, so they could witness the duck’s first steps for themselves.

Credit: Walkin' Pets

Merlin took to the wheelchair quickly, and is adapting easily to life on the go. Working with Merlin and Goats of Anarchy has inspired Walkin Pets to seek out more opportunities to create duck wheelchairs — and the already have a new quacking client.

Walkin’ Pets says they were contacted by a duck named Hope and her family of Buxton, Maine. Hope’s owners had seen photos of Merlin in his new wheelchair and thought a similar cart could help their own pet, who was born with a leg deformity similar to Merlin’s.

Hope and her family recently drove to Walkin’ Pets’ headquarters in Amherst, New Hampshire, and had the duck fitted for her own wheelchair. Like Merlin, Hope took to the wheels right away and is now running around her home. This increased mobility will help Hope, a therapy-duck-in-training, easily navigate Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital in Portland, Maine, once her training is complete.