May 11, 2017 01:45 PM

Dominic Baccus has a life-saver in Buddy, the three-legged dog he rescued three years ago.

According to FOX 13, which reported the story, the pooch woke his sleeping owner during a condo fire on Tuesday by pawing at his neck and chest. Because of the dog’s alert, both man and dog escaped injury.

When Buddy woke his owner, smoke was filling the pair’s second story condo in Brandon, Florida. “Without him, I don’t know when I would have woke up, [or] if I would have had time to get out,” Baccus said.

As they tried to escape the building, flames had begun to engulf their doorway. FOX 13 reports that Baccus held “scared” Buddy and both of them ran through the fire to get out. Miraculously, the pup only suffered singed whiskers in the ordeal.

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“I’m just glad he was there for me when I needed him,” Baccus said of his former foster, who lost a leg to amputation years ago after being hit by a car.

Though their home was destroyed in the blaze, Baccus considers himself lucky.

“The fire was above the treetops here,” he said. “I’m just lucky that he woke me up because I had no idea that it’d been going on.”

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