Unlucky Rescue Dog Still Waiting for a Home 2 Years After He Was Found Guarding Dead Owner

Dillon the dog is patiently waiting at a shelter in Cornwall, England, for a new forever family after losing his previous owner following years of loving loyalty

Dillon the dog
Photo: SWNS

One of Britain's unluckiest dogs still needs a new home two years after he was found lying beside his dead owner — ''still protecting his body until the very end''.

Dillon the dog was discovered next to his owner, who had passed away — and now needs care for himself.

The nine-year-old black lurcher canine loves walks, cuddles, and attention. He currently resides at a National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) shelter in Cornwall, England, but needs a forever home.

Amy Hall, a fundraising and supporter relations officer for NAWT, told SWNS that Dillon is a deeply loving and affectionate pet.

"He was found lying with his owner who had passed away and was obviously protecting him right up until he couldn't anymore — which was very sad," Hall said of Dillon's history. "He came to us about two years ago from that situation, which is what Dillon wanted and needed, but we've been trying to find the right one for him, the right home and family.''

Dillon has had difficulty finding a home because he is still energetic and "puppy-like" at heart and wants to rush around on walks. Previous foster parents looking for a very calm dog have been unable to handle the canine's youthful enthusiasm.

Dillon the dog

"The thing with his age is he attracts people looking for more of a dog that sits with you, whereas Dillon in his heart is still a bit of a puppy," Hall added of Dillon. "He will settle down with you and relax too, but he likes to go out in the fields and have a nice walk — after which he likes to just chill."

Dillon has also struggled to find an owner because he is not a fit for a home with children or other dogs as he is so dedicated to his owners he can become a bit "possessive."

"We actually sent him out to a foster home a while ago with other dogs, and he got on fine there, absolutely fine, but when they were in the home together, he wasn't too happy — he likes his owner to himself," Hall said.

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"He's a bit like Joey from Friends — Joey doesn't share," the NAWT employee added. "He's more than happy to go out for walks with other dogs, and he's more than happy with friends bringing their kids or dogs over too."

Despite this minor placement issue, Hall said that the interest NAWT has received about Dillon in recent weeks has been great.

"He's a really great dog, but he just needs the right person. We've had a few people interested, but for one reason or another, they've not quite worked out," Hall said. "Recently, though, the response has been absolutely amazing."

You can find out more about Dillon and other dogs available for adoption in Cornwall on NAWT's website.

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