Pasado's Safe Haven is searching for the ideal home for their "perfectly imperfect" dog resident Finnegan

By Kelli Bender
February 08, 2021 02:30 PM
Credit: Courtesy Pasado’s Safe Haven

Finnegan is one of the many "perfectly imperfect" pets at Pasado's Safe Haven.

One of the leading animal sanctuaries and rescue organizations in the Pacific Northwest, Pasado's — located in Sultan, Washington —is dedicated to helping all kinds of animals find the love they deserve no matter what circumstances they have endured.

Finnegan, who is hoping to find a home for Valentine's Day, has been through quite a bit. The pooch was abandoned by his previous owners, who appear to have neglected the dog based on his current health issues, including a medical history that reveals that Finnegan has ingested hard drugs.

"Dogs are like human babies or toddlers. Anything dangerous needs to be kept out of their reach, including small toys they might choke on, foods that are bad for them, and, yes, drugs. Finnegan was actually living in a drug house and ingested all kinds of opioids and meth. Probably multiple times over the course of his life," Pasado's communications director Stacey DiNuzzo said in a statement obtained by PEOPLE.

After he was abandoned, Finnegan was taken to a municipal shelter, according to Pasado's, where he was at risk of being euthanized. Luckily, Pasado's was able to step in and give Finnegan space at their no-kill facility, where he will have a home until he finds his perfect match.

Credit: Courtesy Pasado’s Safe Haven

The life Finnegan was leading before has left its marks. The dog is "wobbly" on his paws likely due to some neurological damage and is learning to open up to humans again. The good news is that he is already making strides towards a happier, healthier life. He is a champ during vet visits, often offering his doctors kisses and tail wags, and is affectionate and loving towards all the humans he has met so far despite what he has been through.

Pasado's is dedicated to giving the dog the best care possible and is looking for a forever family for Finnegan that is willing to do the same. If you think you might be the ideal owner, you can learn more about Finnegan on Pasado's website.

For those who aren't able to adopt right now, but still want to support and interact with Pasado's many animals, there is the PenPal program. Animal lovers of all ages can write cards and valentines to the rescue pets at Pasado's, and might even get a letter in return.