Rescue Cat Summits All 48 of New Hampshire's Tallest Mountains in Nine Months: 'We Did It!'

It took just nine months for Floki the feline and her owner, Mel Elam, to accomplish the impressive climbing feat

One fearless feline just conquered 48 of New Hampshire's highest summits — with a little help from her owner, of course.

Floki the cat and Mel Elam of North Conway have reached the top of four dozen New Hampshire mountains over 4,000 feet in the last nine months. Elam created a Facebook page entitled Adventures with Floki, where she has documented each unique climb.

The dynamic duo completed their journey last Saturday when they reached the top of Mount Washington, the highest summit in the Northeast at 6,288 feet.

Elam celebrated the special occasion with a photograph and a heartwarming post on Facebook.

"We did it!" she captioned the image of her grinning ear-to-ear with her furry partner in tow.

Floki the cat
Mel Elam via AP

Elam adopted Floki from a shelter in 2020 after losing her dog, her previous hiking buddy. A strong friendship blossomed between the owner and her cat in the nine months it took the pair to complete their goal of summiting the 48 tallest mountains in their home state. In that time, Floki has gone from kitten to full-grown cat.

Floki the cat
Mel Elam via AP

To keep Floki safe, Elam attaches her companion to a harness connected to a backpack the cat rides in. When outside the hiker's backpack, Floki stays on a leash. The feline even dons a vest during colder weather.

The duo's adventures does not end here, though, especially with an ever-increasing fan base.

Floki the cat
Mel Elam via AP

"There's a lot of people that are like, 'Oh, my gosh. Please tell me that is not it. What are you going to do next? Please keep posting. We love following your adventures,' " Elam told WMUR-TV. "And I'm like, 'Oh no, we're still going to be out there.' "

In the meantime, the duo is training for Seek The Peak, an annual fundraiser supporting the Mount Washington Observatory, a local non-profit organization.

Elam and Floki will also tackle the so-called "52 With a View" — 52 mountains in New Hampshire with top elevations under 4,000 feet and gorgeous views.

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