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October 24, 2017 12:44 AM

A calf was rejected by it’s family, so it decided to be a dog instead.

Baby James, from the Happy Hens and Highlands Farm outside of Asheville, North Carolina, was born a survivor. The calf was born oxygen deprives, suffering from brain damage which resulted in his inability to nurse from his mother.

Despite attempts to help him nurse and dwell with his mother, he was taken inside family’s home on the farm where he was fed through tubes, according to the farm’s website.

When James was around one month old, his vet discovered James’ navel had not closed off, causing urine to flow through and cause an infection. Invasive surgery followed, but the time apart from his herd made him an outcast.

“The other cattle thought he was odd and ignored him or bullied him,” according to the farm’s website.

The family’s dogs adopted James, showing him love, cleaning him and treating him as one of their own.

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The calf now spends his afternoons happily running with them in the backyard, chasing chickens and going inside to eat and sleep.

James also spends some of his time dressing up and playing different characters, such as a superhero, a “vicious” dragon hunting down a bottle of milk, or a Jedi knight.


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