For $200, Kansas City Parents Can Rent a Drug Sniffing Dog to Raid Their Teen's Bedroom

Metro K9 lets clients rent a drug dog by the hour

“Just say no” or just say “good boy”?

That is the question parents are asking themselves in Kansas City, Missouri, reports WDAF-TV, which recently featured a business called Metro K9 Detection Services that specializes in providing reliable drug sniffing dogs to “cost effectively” detect narcotics such as marijuana, PCP, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine (with the street names of “ice, glass and crystal”) and MDMA (street name “ecstasy or molly”) in your home and other residential locations.

“They try to associate us with law enforcement and we’re not. My dog just happens to know some very expensive tricks,” says founder Ray McCarty.

Metro K9 lets clients rent a drug dog by the hour. McCarty says the idea came to him after hearing about drug sweeps at his own kid’s school and seeing how many students were being sent to juvenile detention centers.

“That’s getting kids in trouble that day and that’s not what we are about. We’re about being a deterrent,” McCarty tells WDAF-TV.

According to the company’s Facebook page, the K9s are “carefully trained to safely and reliably work in a wide array of locations, including, homes, schools and workplace environments. When a sniffer dog detects an odor (residual or otherwise), it is trained to let the handler know with a passive signal. This allows drug discovery to be managed at our client’s discretion.”

The company’s website gives a bit more detail: “Metro K9 Drug Detection Services provide a confidential and discreet drug detection service for your home. Our narcotic detection dogs will professionally perform a thorough inspection of your entire property and vehicles. We recommend searching the premises when the suspected drug user is not present to avoid possible conflicts with the animal. This can also reduce family stress. If the dog picks up a scent, it will alert our handler, who will mark the location. The client can then decide how to handle the discovery.”

Most parents administer the sweep while their kids are not at home, says McCarty. Many just flush the drugs and “never say anything,” and McCarty claims to never contact the police.

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“It makes them feel better. We aren’t going to say anything because it’s none of our business. We are just there to do a job. We do it, and we leave.”

As for the dogs, K9s Phoenix and Coco train extensively for these teen bedroom sweeps. Their boss has a license to use training aids that carry the scent of real drugs like cocaine, meth, marijuana and heroin, however McCarty says the dogs are actually just seeking out treats in the form of their favorite toy.

McCarty and his canine unit’s unique services start at $200. One company dog is currently in training to detect weapons in schools and other places of business, as well.

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