Relatable Bear Mom Struggles to Wrangle All Her Rambunctious Cubs Across Connecticut Road

A Connecticut bear recently brought traffic to a halt as she tried to get all four of her cubs across a road safely.

DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince once proclaimed, "Parents just don't understand," but parents certainly understand other parents.

So when a Winsted, Connecticut woman spotted a mother bear trying to get her four rambunctious, absent-minded cubs across a busy road, she sympathized with the animal's adorable but difficult chore.

"First, I thought one baby had been struck by a car. I came back 15 minutes later to realize mama was simply trying to get all four babies to cross the street together! I can relate as a mom of four myself!" the driver described the incident, according to ViralHog.

Luckily, when the woman circled back to check on the mother bear and her cubs, she also decided to film the animal's Herculean task.

bear mom crossing street with cubs

While crossing a road may seem simple, adding four curious cub minds to the mix makes it surprisingly difficult. The footage of the mother bear shows the infinitely patient animal trying to move her cubs across the street one by one by picking up each baby in her mouth and pawing across to the opposite of the road.

Unfortunately, as the clip above shows, each time the mother bear can get one cub across, one of her kids decides to do something that erases her hard work. The cubs climb poles, run around the road, paw at mom, and, worst of all, return to the original side of the street, so mom has to start the process all over again.

In this case it's the kids who don't seem to understand.

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