Rejoice! Pizza Hut's Restaurant Run By an All-Cat Staff Is Back

A new round of cats are donning tiny, red Pizza Hut hats

Like all good things, this was worth waiting for.

After introducing us to their all kitty crew in 2014, Pizza Hut Japan has brought back the feline work force for a new round of ads. Like last time, this kitty owned and operated Pizza Hut only exists in the land of Japanese commercials … for now.

This new round of ads focuses on coupons users can get through the mobile app, and a furry, feline upstart trying to break into the pussycat pizza game by learning the intricacies to good customer service/being cute. Sadly, this promotion is only available to Pizza Hut fans in Japan.

While the staff of the feline Pizza Hut is working harder than ever to please customers, there still might be some fur on their pies. Some things just can be helped.

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