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November 28, 2017 04:46 PM

Over less than a week, 106 reindeers making their winter migration through Norway have died.

According to USA Today, the animals were killed by freight trains traveling through the migration area. From Wednesday to Saturday of last week, trains plowed through reindeer herds, with one train killing 65 animals on Saturday.

The owner of those 65 reindeers is distraught over the loss of his animals, calling their death a senseless tragedy and “psychological nightmare.”

Each year, reindeer owners in Norway herd their animals through the country’s winter weather to find areas where the pack can graze. These journeys are often dangerous, with herders losing reindeers to cars, trains and drowning.

Even with this known risk, the number of reindeer deaths have been up, most due to increase in rail activity. Over 2,000 reindeer have been killed between 2013 and 2016 along the same railroad that claimed the lives of 106 reindeer so far this season.

Herders have asked the railway operator in northern Norway, Bane NOR, to install a fence along the track to help prevent reindeer deaths. So far, the railway operator has not funded the project, but has advised trains to run slower in the areas known to have reindeer.



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