2021 Golden Globes viewers could see King's senior dog Cornbread snoozing in the background of the actress's pre-show interviews.

Regina King doesn't mind sharing the spotlight.

During a March 2 interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers, host Seth Meyers asked the actress, 50, about Sunday's Golden Globes. King, who received a 2021 Golden Globes Best Director nomination for her film One Night in Miami, appeared at the award show virtually, wearing a sparkly Louis Vuitton gown embroidered with 40,000 sequins.

While King's outfit was hard to ignore, many viewers still noticed a dog sleeping in the background of King's pre-show interviews. That pooch turned out to be the Oscar winner's own canine named Cornbread, who was called the "MVP of the Golden Globes" on Twitter — just one of many adoring social media comments the pup received.

"You look wonderful in your beautiful dress," Meyers told King during his Late Night interview with the star.

"But your dog Cornbread kind of stole the day," the host continued. "Are you jealous of how much attention Cornbread got?"

regina king
Credit: E!/ Youtube

King (as seen in the clip above at the 2:38 mark) responded quickly.

"I am not!" she said to Meyers. "Listen, Cornbread is 15 years old. He deserves all the attention, to just be hanging in there and representing the senior dogs."

"He did a great job!" Meyers agreed.

King's senior dog wasn't the only celebrity pet to pop up during the 2021 Golden Globes, several other stars who attended the award show virtually, including Jodie Foster, shared the screen with their furry friends.