Reese Witherspoon Welcomes Frenchie to Her Family

Reese Witherspoon's wolf pack is growing

Reese Witherspoon’s wolf pack is growing.

One of 2016 PEOPLE’s Most Beautiful Women, it makes sense this stunning actress welcomed an equally gorgeous dog into her family.

On Monday, Witherspoon, 40, posted a photo of a blue-grey Frenchie with a small smile and introduced the pup as her new dog.

“Introducing Pepper! Welcome to the Family,” Witherspoon wrote in the post.

Pepper is joining cutie LouAnn, a bull terrier the actress adopted in 2015. Sadly it hasn’t been all good dog news for Witherspoon this year. In March, it was announced that Moonie the chihuahua who played the pup companion and accessory of Elle Woods in Legally Blonde passed away.

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