The actress acknowledges her canine co-star during Hollywood’s Walk of Fame ceremony

By Danielle Nieman
Updated December 02, 2010 07:34 PM

After 20 years in show business, Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon has another accolade to add to her list – except this one isn’t exactly portable. The actress received a coveted star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Wednesday, and she was joined by her children, colleagues and other family members to honor the achievement.

Witherspoon was also accompanied by the unforgettable accomplice to her star-making turn as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde: her canine co-star, Bruiser, known in real life as Moonie.

She even acknowledged the four-footed actor in her speech. “My very, very famous co-star Bruiser – I mean, he came all the way out of his kennel,” Witherspoon said. “He’s a very busy working dog and he managed to show up today.”

After addressing the crowd, Witherspoon posed for photographs next to her star, and for some of the snapshots, including some with her old pooch pal. At one point, Witherspoon put Moonie down on the star –but Moonie ran off. She called him back, but he didn’t respond, so Witherspoon’s publicist picked Moonie up and plopped him right into Witherspoon’s arms.

Moonie, a rescue Chihuahua, has had a long career in Hollywood, and has made other famous friends in the process, including Gidget, the dog who was the face of Taco Bell for many years. Still, there’s little that could top his two turns as Bruiser, the fantastically pampered pup who was always draped in pink.