All of these treats have been taste-tested by the Pioneer Woman and her pooches

By Kelli Bender
February 24, 2020 04:57 PM
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The Pioneer Woman wants to please your pets’ palates too.

Ree Drummond has released another batch of dog treats with Purina, and they sound delicious.

“We have been working on flavors and now we have two kinds of jerky treats,” Drummond told PEOPLE of her new canine Chicken Cranapple and Beef & Veggies snacks. “The treats look like jerky my sons would eat.”

Drummond’s dog jerky isn’t the only new snack humans might be tempted to eat; there is now a Pioneer Woman tater tot for pooches too.

courtesy purina

These scrumptious-looking nuggets look just like the tater tots you could order at a bar, but they are made with chicken and designed to be safe and tasty for dogs.

The fact that you might mistake one of these new treats for your own snack isn’t an accident.

courtesy purina

“We wanted to model them after familiar human treats,” Drummond said of the new additions, adding that she created the tots so pups could join the “celebration of tater tots.”

“In Oklahoma, it’s about finding if there is anything we can’t eat tots with or put on our tots,” she added.

courtesy purina

Both Drummond and her own picky pooches served as taste testers for all the treats, and nothing moved ahead without their O.K.

“Humans are the first line of defense,” Drummond said on why she made sure to take a nibble from each treat. “We wanted to make sure they all tasted and smelled delicious.”