May 20, 2014 10:30 PM

Stop the naturalist presses! Assuming they still have presses…

There’s – possibly – a new breed of cat afoot! (Or a-paw, as the case may be.)

Vincent Tolley found this unusual kitten at a pet market in Beijing, China. The cat’s unique coloration has many people online comparing it to a red panda, which seems both accurate and ADORABLE.

Tolley (YouTube username Spot the Kitty) has left a few comments updating the progress the scientific community has made with the cat: One vet claimed that the kitten’s coat has not been dyed and therefore she might be a mutant, though another claimed the cat’s fur may be dyed after all. Tolley has promised to update the video as more info becomes available.

Readers: What’s your verdict? Dye job or new breed in the waiting?

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