“California sea lions are kind of crafty, they go where they want to,” said Laura Chapman of the Marine Mammal Center

By Kelli Bender
April 05, 2016 07:58 PM

Teenagers, amirite? 

If you say no, it means yes to them. That could explain why rescuers spent hours corralling a wayward sea lion pup who was determined to cross a highway in Sonoma, California. According to ABC 7, the young animal tried several times to leave the water and waddle onto the busy roadway. The Marine Mammal Center eventually rescued the animal and took him to its facility, where it was discovered that he was already on the books. 

A quick check at the center revealed the pup had been rescued by the animal organization before, tagged, named School Daze, and released. Vets are now trying to determine what’s causing School Daze to continually pop up in weird places and will eventually release the animal. 

“We haven’t had very many get stranded in this area, so fingers crossed we don’t have any more anytime soon,” said Laura Chapman of the Marine Mammal Center.

But just because School Daze is one of the first to pop up near Highway 37, doesn’t mean all other sea lions are well-behaved. 

“California sea lions are kind of crafty, they go where they want to,” Chapman added.