Real Housewives of Dallas Star D'Andra Simmons' Dog Dixie Dies at Age 14: 'I Miss Her Terribly'

"She comforted me through tragedies and triumphs," D'Andra Simmons said of Dixie

Real Housewives of Dallas star D’Andra SImmons’ beloved dog Dixie passed away at age 14
Photo: D'Andra Simmons Instagram

D’Andra Simmons is mourning the loss of her dog, Dixie.

The Real Housewives of Dallas star's pup died at the age of 14 while Simmons was out of town, according to a recent press release. The reality star adopted the Brussels Griffon dog in 2008 alongside littermate Gypsy, who died earlier this year.

“Dixie was my loyal companion and truly Mommy’s little dog. She loved her Mommy and was constantly by my side,” Simmons said in the release. “She slept next to me for almost 13 years right next to my ribs, and she was always in the chair with me in my home salon when I was getting my hair and makeup done for RHOD.”

She continued: “She comforted me through tragedies and triumphs. She cried with me when my father, Glenn Simmons, passed, and was excited to meet the new ‘man in my life; Jeremy Lock, when I first introduced him to the ‘girls’ as I called her and her sister, Gypsy. She was excited when Jeremy came to live with us permanently and she had a Daddy. She loved her ‘Mimi’ Momma Dee Simmons and always greeted her with great enthusiasm.”

“I miss her terribly and I will for the rest of my life,” Simmons said of Dixie, who she would often dress up to reflect her own love of fashion. “Because I did not have children of my own, she was my child and my sweet baby girl. Rest in Peace little Dixie, you gave me many years of continuous joy, happiness and love.”

When Gypsy died in February, Simmons penned an emotional Instagram tribute to the dog, sharing that she fell in love with the Brussels Griffon breed from watching the Jack Nicholson movie As Good as It Gets.

“I found two litter mates after a long lasting search for almost a year,” Simmons wrote alongside a photo of Gypsy at the time. “They captured my heart and never let it go.”

“I love you Gypsy dog,” she added in the caption. “You made us laugh, smile and brought so much joy to our lives. I will always be your mommy. I can’t wait to play with you on the other side of the rainbow where there is not only a pot of gold, but also streets of gold and lots of treats.”

Dixie will make her final onscreen appearance in the upcoming fifth season of RHOD in addition to Dolly Parton, a 2-year-old Shih-Tzu mix that Simmons has also adopted.

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