August 25, 2016 10:36 AM

Cat cafes are basically the new Starbucks, but Hong Kong is welcoming a new kind of animal coffee stop to its streets.

According to AFP, Rabbitland recently opened on Hong Kong’s High Street. The cafe features 12 resident rabbits who nibble on grass and accept pats while visitors sip on hot drinks and enjoy snacks.

Like many animal cafes, Rabbitland opened to provided city dwellers, whose lifestyles don’t offer much space for pets, a chance to get some quality cuddle time with a furry friend.

While the rabbits hopping around the new spot aren’t up for adoption, many of the bunnies are rescues. The owner of Rabbitland says most of their cotton-tailed employees were abandoned by their previous owners.

The cafe hopes to prevent this fate for other rabbits.

“A lot of parents bring their kids here if they want to buy a rabbit, so they know it’s not all about playing with them — it’s a lot of work and responsibility,” co-founder Teddy Chui told AFP.

Among the rules visitors must follow to ensure optimal bunny comfort are no ear-pulling and no picking up the animals.

This is the first rabbit cafe in Hong Kong, with the first ever of these establishments opening in Japan in 2009.

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