January 29, 2015 09:50 PM

Fishermen in the Philippines happened across a shocking discovery on Wednesday: a rare megamouth shark was found floating in the water near the beach, reports Business Insider.

The creature, which was found dead, was brought to the shore to be examined. This marks the 60th sighting of the species. At 15 feet, this specimen is larger than most estimates for male megamouths. Researchers also counted 50 sets of tiny teeth on the shark

Megamouth sharks usually live near the bottom of the ocean, making them rather elusive. The first sighting was only in 1976, and megamouths continue to be one of the most rarely spotted species of sharks.

While this swimmer may look like the stuff of nightmares, the shark is harmless to humans. Megamouths use their tiny teeth to eviscerate plankton, not people.

Now in the possession of the Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines, the specimen will be used to learn more about the rare species.


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