May 27, 2016 09:15 PM

Rapper and producer Mally Mall lost his exotic caracal cat Nyla to a house fire on Thursday.

According to KSNV, a fire of unknown origin started in the rapper’s Las Vegas home. Firefighters were able to put out the blaze in 20 minutes, but it wasn’t quick enough for 40-pound Nyla, who died when the fire tore through Mall’s bedroom in the $1.5 million abode.

Already in mourning over his lost pet, Mall became furious when he found a Tweet with a photo of Nyla’s dead body accompanied by smiling emojis posted to an official Clark County Twitter account, reports TMZ.

Minutes after posting the graphic tweet, which can be seen here, Clark County removed the post and offered an apology, stating they meant to use “sad crying” emojis not the “laughing so hard you cry” emojis that appeared in the Tweet.

Who ever took the picture of my animal- plz contact me directly. @ClarkCountyNV and anyone involved

— M A L L Y M A L L™ (@MallyMall) May 27, 2016


Mall is allegedly still upset with officials for posting the photo at all, calling it an invasion of privacy and insensitive.

Mall, who was in Los Angeles at the time of fire, is known for his collection of exotic animals, which has included wolves, snakes and monkeys. One of his pet capuchins ended up becoming a gift to Justin Bieber.

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