"This sweet girl goes to the pound tomorrow if she's not adopted. Anyone wanna adopt?" said a tweet spotted by the athlete

By Amy Jamieson
May 02, 2017 04:27 PM
Credit: Bob Levey/Getty

I Love Yu — that’s what we think the collar of Yu Darvish’s new rescue dog should say.

The Texas Rangers pitcher adopted a female pit bull named Sage after seeing a tweet about the pup who was apparently headed for the pound.

The tweet, shared by @badkaratemovie, featured a poster introducing people to the spayed female. “This sweet girl goes to the pound tomorrow if she’s not adopted. Anyone wanna adopt? Helping out a friend. RT if you can,” said the accompanying message.

According to The Star Telegram, who spoke to Darvish, the major league baseball player saw a friend’s retweet of the photo at 11 p.m. on Thursday and just couldn’t look away. He and his wife decided to add her to their brood and picked her up on Friday morning.

“When I’m on the road my family will take care of them but at the same time you think what’s going to happen to him if nobody picks her up,” he told the Star Telegram. “That was the thing that kind of stuck in my head. I have five dogs already so I’m still thinking about what we’re going to do.”

The story said Darvish already has a pit bull, a Cane Corso, a miniature schnauzer, a French bulldog and a miniature pincher — but, clearly, something inspired him to adopt Sage.

Following the dog’s adoption, the person who shared the original tweet marveled at the power of social media.

“A little over 12 hours ago @EmilyJonesMcCoy RT’d my post about a rescue pit needing a forever home. She now lives with @faridyu,” @badkaratemovie tweeted.

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While adopting the dog seemed easy for Darvish — who posted a photo of the pup on Friday and tweeted, “I got her!” — he told the Star Telegram that owning a pet is definitely not.

“Before you get a dog think about what you need to do to take care of it,” he said. “I don’t want people to think, ‘oh, he can take care of 20 dogs, 30 dogs.’ I got what I can be responsible for. Make sure you take care of your dog.”