Ranger Hoping to Get Selfie with Captured 35-Foot Python Gets Choked by Snake Instead

Sanjay Dutta was choked by the large reptile after attempting to wear the python like a feathered boa

It’s time to remind the general public, AGAIN, never attempt to take a selfie/up-close photo with a wild animal. It’s dangerous for the animal. It’s dangerous for the human. It’s just dangerous.

Unfortunately, this message didn’t reach a forest ranger in Jaipaiguri, India, before he decided to take a few casual selfies with a recently captured 35-foot rock python.

According to Caters News, ranger Sanjay Dutta and his team caught the massive snake after getting calls about the reptile killing and eating local goats. Dutta and his colleagues were able to track down the python, but instead of putting the snake in a sack to move it elsewhere, Dutta decided to wear the live animal like a feathered boa.

The ranger reportedly flung the python’s head over his shoulder and started taking photos with locals while wearing the snake.

Rock pythons are non-venomous, opting to kill their prey through constriction. It didn’t take long for the agitated snake resting on Dutta’s shoulders and around his neck to give into natural urges and start constricting around the man.

Video of the shocking incident shows Dutta change from smiling, proud ranger to panicked, choking snake victim in a matter of seconds. Footage shows Dutta staggering away from the group gathering to take photos of the reptile. Dutta is eventually helped by another man, who assists in pulling the powerful python off the ranger.

In Dutta’s description of the snake’s capture, he conveniently leaves the choking incident out.

“I received a call about a python that was devouring a goat near a school. I reached the spit immediately and rescued the snake. It is 35 feet long. It is suspected that the snake swam to the village from a nearby river,” the ranger told Caters News.

Neither Dutta nor the snake were harmed during their altercation. The python was later transported to Baikanthapur forest and released.

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