The new Netflix show We Are the Champions explores quirky and unique competitions all over the world

Even though Netflix's ever-expanding vault of original content seems to contain everything, there are still some corners of the world that have remained untouched by the streaming giant.

One of the stones previously left unturned by Netflix is the world of competitive dog dancing. Luckily, the unusual and furry sport is getting its time in the spotlight thanks to the upcoming Netflix show We Are the Champions. Executive produced by The Office's Rainn Wilson, We Are the Champions explores the world's most quirky and unique competitions, dog dancing included.

PEOPLE has a sneak peek at the portion of the new series that covers competitive dog dancing, focusing on the Open European Championship, a competition where dozens of dogs master over 400 commands to perform a 4-minute dance routine with their human partners.

And while dog dancing seems like it would be all tail wags and silly tangoes, the judge featured in the clip above makes it clear that this fast-growing sport is difficult to master both for the canines and their human dance partners.

Animal lovers can see all the adorable highlights from the Open European Championship on Tuesday, Nov. 17, when We Are the Champions premieres on Netflix. Along with dog dancing, the series also looks into the weird and wonderful competitions for frog jumping, cheese rolling, fantasy hairstyling, and more.