Stylist Jorge Bendersky gives a lucky rescue dog a fabulous new look

By Helin Jung
March 03, 2010 07:19 PM

For celebrities, a trip to the red carpet means prep sessions with stylists, designers, hairdressers, beauticians, masseuses, you name it. So much pampering! Dogs could use some of that loving, too, don’t you think?

Since it’s Oscar week, we decided to give a shelter pup a luxurious red carpet pamper session! We invited Spunky, a Lhasa Apso from the North Shore Animal League, to get some movie star treatment from celebrity dog stylist Jorge Bendersky.

Spunky, who was found on the street, came into Jorge’s salon at the New York Dog Spa & Hotel looking like – well, a hot mess. His hair was so matted, it almost looked like he had dreadlocks. He had all kinds of goop in his eyes, but you couldn’t see his eyes with all the hair in his face. It was clear it had been ages since anybody gave a thought to poor Spunky.

Luckily, the pooch was in great hands. Jorge worked all of his grooming magic, and after a few hours of brushing, bathing and trimming, Spunky came out looking “Jorgelicious” and red carpet ready! Not only that, he’ll be smelling great for his new forever home, which we hope he finds very soon.

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